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Automatic Bidding System
1. It is driven by two servo motors controlled by PLC. It would work automatically after an
operator just placing the labels into the magazine
2. It contains six single magazines whose width is 100mm, each one would hold 7000-10000
labels depending on the label's width. Totally, it would contain around 50000 labels

Data reference
Label paper capacity / olume
The width is 100 mm and the thickness is 0.06 mm, totaling 60,000 sheets.
Frequency of Standard Change/Frequency
Rated speed 60 000 P/H, 10 Min/time
Rendering time / Time Spending
125/ times
Label lapping error / Tolerance
Less than 1.5mm
Rated Power/Power
Adapt to Aircraft Speed/Labeling Speed
Adapt Label Width / Label Width
Shape size / Dimension
(Long x wide X high) 1500 mm x 750 mm x 750 mm

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